After getting settled in city Bharuch, She wanted to do something independent and explore herself instead of joining her husband profession and since Bharuch is a small town she hardly got an opportunity to find a suitable job. After much thought she decided to do something by her own and this is how Cuckoos Decor was born.
Recently Puja have created a room based on English Palace theme as shown in images. all items in this room are created by Puja herself. She was firm for not compromising what she was looking for to give the look she wanted, so all such items she imported from London.
The most unique and important part of this room is that Bharuch is small town in state of Gujarat where such items and work is nearly impossible to source and for a young girl it gets even more difficult specially when someone is not from this country and language barrier but Puja was firm and confident what she wanted to achieve and she have managed to do that single handedly without a help of her husband and her parents.
As you may notice in the pictures the colors which she have taken are all pastel colors which is called duck egg colour. she have nicely filled and used whites and baby pink pastels as well. All the furnishing items such as Pillows, bed cover, throw, blanket, decorative pillow, quilts she have used is of the same theme which is on the backdrop wallpaper.
if you notice in the pictures she have taken care of all small little things in this beautiful room. She have imported drawer knobs of duck egg color from London so that it matches to the theme.
She herself have done stitching on curtains borders as well as curtain holder to give the vintage palace room look.
Even if you notice the picture there in white frame has been imported from uk as well as the decorative mirror. the picture which is there in a frame is specially taken in princess dress and and prince dress giving it old vintage look, specially how pictures use to be taken in those days.
All decorative items even the artificial flowers are either made by Puja herself or she have imported it from London such as Ascents, Wooden plates, Trunks, sign boards, Chandelier all are placed keeping palace room theme in Mind.
Apart from this room, She have given a english dine room theme as well. Where again she have created the things by herself or got it import from London.
for instance:
As seen in the picture she have placed a mirror in the dining room. She wanted to give a illusion to make dinning room look bigger than what it is originally in size, so she have took out windows from the junk, painted it for 4-5 days using different shades and gave it a Shabby- Chic distressed vintage look and hooked a plant on it and hanged it on wall. She removed the glass out of it herself and installed a mirror in it, so when someone will sit on the dine table will feel that there is a window in front of him where plant is popping out but actually thats just a wall. ( This was a brilliant idea and master stroke, used from junk but made dining area look much bigger and something different which is never seen before )
She have made a vintage distressed Shaby-Chic ladder look to place her decorative items similarly how a english dine should be like.
The most essential and unique about Puja’s cuckoos decor is that she is doing all this single handedly, in a country where she is not from and in a small place where hardly things are available to source. Being a young girl she have managed to create something which is absolutely different and unique.  She is independent young girl who is example for other young girls who want to do something by their own or not able to do because they are situated in small cities or town.
She says ” too many cook spoils the dish ” which is very true ! she says to trust her vision and let her do her job, she says if you go to hairdresser than trust him to cut your hair, dont try to cut your hair yourself, otherwise it will be a disaster and the outcome result will be something totally different.
Puja says nothing is impossible if you have WILL  to do something ! Her idea is to charge minimum fee from the client as now days interior designing fees are too high and thats the reason where people do not opt for hiring interior designer. Cuckoos decor also provides option for designing single room so that if someone just want to design one room they can dream of doing that.